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Terrorism curtailed in Pakistan: US State Department

Terrorism curtailed in Pakistan: US State Department

WASHINGTON: United States has acknowledged a visible reduction in terrorism activities in Pakistan since the start of operation Zarb-e-Azb in the country.

US State Department issued ‘Country Reports on Terrorism 2014’ in which it said that terrorism has been curtailed in Pakistan to a visible extent. It also stated that Pakistan has emerged as a very important ally of US.

Major trends in global terrorism in 2014 included the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL’s) unprecedented seizure of territory in Iraq and Syria, the continued flow of foreign terrorist fighters worldwide to join ISIL, and the rise of lone offender violent extremists in the West.

Despite the fragmentation of al-Qa’ida and its affiliates, weak or failed governance continued to provide an enabling environment for the emergence of extremist radicalism and violence, notably in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, and Iraq.

Continuing a trend noted in last year’s report, terrorist groups employed more aggressive tactics in their attacks. In ISIL’s case, this included brutal repression of communities under its control and the use of ruthless methods
of violence such as beheadings and crucifixions intended to terrify opponents.
Boko Haram – operating in the Lake Chad Basin region of northern Nigeria, northern Cameroon, and southeast Niger – shared with ISIL a penchant for the use of brutal tactics, which included stonings, indiscriminate mass casualty attacks, and kidnapping children for enslavement.

The 2014 calendar year also witnessed a powerful regional and international mobilization to counter ISIL that halted the group’s initial advances in Iraq.

The adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2178 in September constituted a significant step forward in international efforts to cooperate in preventing the flow of foreign terrorist fighters to and from conflict zones.

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